Irish Celtic features the finest dancers from the top Irish dance companies, who show their infectious love for dance and their incredible talent in thrilling and spectacular high energy dance routines with explosive rhythms and nail-biting precision. The convivial and hospitable cast welcomes the audience as new friends in the way only the Irish know how and shares with them an unforgettable night of music, storytelling and dance set in one of the greatest pubs in Ireland.

Through their spectacular dancing and passionate music, including romantic theme tunes from Braveheart and Last of the Mohicans, they recreate scenes from throughout Celtic history; from the days of the Druids, the great migrations, to the voyage of the Titanic.

So come on down to the Irish Celtic Pub, meet landlord and owner Paddy and the people of Ireland, have a drink of the best Irish whisky, and discover the songs, legends, traditions and dances of a culture whose heritage is as rich as it is old.

As they say in Ireland as they raise a glass to toast your good health: “Sláinte!”


    Irish Celtic- the legend is back with a new show

    The tremors of the Irish soul

    The first show, created in 2011, made a triumphant tour of Europe

    with over 200,000 spectators.

    Now Irish Celtic are back again in a completely new show!

    Irish Celtic is above all about the talent of the 30 Irish artists who make the show: a mass of energy from the best dancers in the country, who pound the pub floorboards with their tap shoes; the ethereal magic of the dancers, fairies of the show, heirs of a rich Celtic culture; the intense power of such rare musicians capable of bringing traditions to life on stage, just as the ballads will give you goose bumps.

    You’ll be plunged into the world of Irish Celtic’s pub, handed down from old Paddy Flynn to his son Diarmuid. Their story encompasses Ireland’s whole life, from the legends clinging to the wooden, universal world of the old establishment where whisky and Guinness toast the memories of a great history. Irish Celtic is a free spirit that gushes before you, a real tour de force.  This captivating musical brings the thrilling Irish soul to life.

    A young bagpiper will touch your soul with his moving solo on the pipes. And the dance of life, carefree and as light as the strings of the violin, sweeps the audience away in a two-hour whirlwind. This voyage of legends, spirited and strange, is also a beautiful story  of older generations passing on a way of life, as  young and old come together to listen to the beating heart of Ireland.


02 TO 06 jun 2021  france

05 novembER TO 22 dEcembER 2021  france

16 fEBRUARY TO 20 marCH 2022  france

12 TO 25 janUARY 2022 portugal

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There is closeness, warmth and this element of humanity which has been missing until now.



A lyrical, joyful and exhilarating, even unexpected evening.



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