Three musicians playing the fiddle, willeann pipe and accordion.

BRADLEY Liam  - musician

BRADY Kieran  - musician

BYRNE Daniel  - musician

BYRNES Steven  - musician

DAVIS Anthony  - MUSICAL DIRECTOR/ musician

GUNNERY Benjamin  - musician

KERR Barry  - musician

MAGEE Declan  - musician

MC GUINNESS Daniel  - musician

MC MULLAN Christopher  - musician

MURRAY Joe  - musician

O BRIEN Sean  - musician

O SULLIVAN Liam  - musician

REED Aileen  - musician

05 december 2019  quimper

10 december 2019  arras

12-15 march 2020  p.d.s paris

11 April 2020  lyon

There is closeness, warmth and this element of humanity which has been missing until now.



A lyrical, joyful and exhilarating, even unexpected evening.