Three musicians playing the fiddle, willeann pipe and accordion.

BRADLEY Liam  - musician

BRADY Kieran  - musician

BYRNE Daniel  - musician

BYRNES Steven  - musician

DAVIS Anthony  - MUSICAL DIRECTOR/ musician

GUNNERY Benjamin  - musician

KERR Barry  - musician

MAGEE Declan  - musician

MC GUINNESS Daniel  - musician

MC MULLAN Christopher  - musician

MURRAY Joe  - musician

O BRIEN Sean  - musician

O SULLIVAN Liam  - musician

REED Aileen  - musician

16-17 marCH 2019  CASINO DE PARIS

31 marCH 2019  lYON

04 APRIL 2019  TULLE

14 APril 2019  PERPIGNAN

There is closeness, warmth and this element of humanity which has been missing until now.



A lyrical, joyful and exhilarating, even unexpected evening.